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Kelly C. Wescott

Hello, I have 7+ years of studio compositing experience working with both VFX and Animation pipelines. 4+ years of Toon Boom Harmony animation, compositing, and rigging. Proficient in all the Adobe software, Maya, Blender, Nuke, Shotgun, and can learn proprietary tools fast.

The kind of artist that knows how to deal with the big crazy tasks. I can also pace myself and handle seemingly endless workloads, while keeping my morale high. Excited to learn new things and find ways to do them as efficiently as possible. Planning ahead, keeping things organized, and quality control... always triple check!

Roles that I can fill for you:
2D - Toon Boom Harmony Technical Director or Retake Animator. Nuke / Harmony / After Effects Compositor. Harmony Rigs.

3D - Layout, Scene Planning, Posing, Camera work, Rough Modeling, Pre-visualization. Maya / Blender

VFX - Nuke / Mocha Rotoscoping, Color Matching, CG element integration, Clean Plates, Nuke Match-move tracking, Keen Tools Face Tracking, Stereoscopic Conversion.

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